Aerials Australia is Australia’s largest Aerial Equipment company. Initially family owned and run in the fabric & upholstery trade since the early 2000’s, we navigated our specialty into the ever-growing Aerial and Circus industry. We now run worldwide with a fabulous team covering all our equipment fabrication, testing, packing and customer service needs.

We are located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast – but love meeting our clients and customers throughout Australia and Pacific, having run our equipment worldwide including Malaysia, Maldives, New Caledonia, USA, Hawaii and Indonesia.

Aerials Australia has supplied aerial equipment to over a thousand aerial studios, gyms and PT’s, circus’, cruise ships, festivals, disability services  through  Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, have worked with many events and thousands of happy home aerialists! There’s a high chance you’ll see our products used and featured on Carnival Cruises, National Circuses, and your local aerial studio!

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