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Bungee Cord Kits

For weight ranges 52 – 65kg

Aerial Bungee Fitness is the latest trend from the US and Europe.   Its a fun, low impact way to exercise, exciting ways to take your fitness and aerial training to the next level! Initially made for ground fitness, but we love seeing them attached to aerial hoops and various apparatus to change it up!



bungee gear hardware

1x Bungee Cord
2x daisy chains
2x carabiners (already installed)
1x Harness Belt**
1x Swivel

**Best suited for a hip size of 100cm or less for the belt.







REMEMBER! To always remain safe. We always recommend your product to be hung professionally – your safety is your responsibility. Always ensure you check and test rigging and regularly check your equipment before use.

Please keep in mind that most of our products are of a customised nature regarding size and length, therefore please allow up to 6 working days (not including weekends and Public Holidays) to process, depending on influx of orders. We will then update you with your tracking number. Enjoy your purchase – we know you’ll love it!

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