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Aerial Pole Extension Bar

for use with All Aerials Australia Aerial Poles

Portable Aerial Pole | Aerial Supplies Australia



This Portable AERIAL POLE  Extension Bar is compatible with our Newest latest 2021 model Aerial Poles,   Our Aerial Poles are super strong and sturdy with rubber/plastic wrapping that aids in grip for extended pole sessions.



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REMEMBER! To always remain safe. We always recommend professional help – your safety is your responsibility. Always ensure you check and test rigging and regularly check your equipment before use.

Please keep in mind that most of our products are of a customised nature regarding size and length or we custom make them per order. FOR FREESTANDING RIG Products: Please allow up to 2 weeks manufacturing depending on the influx of orders – however we’ll strive to get your product out to you as soon as possible.aerials equipment Australia


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