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Boxing Resistance Bands

RESISTANCE BANDS From Aerials Australia are a versatile functional resistance training system, which allow anyone of any age, size or fitness level to add no-impact core-to-foot resistance to any workout.

FOR INCREASED WORKOUTS, adding RESISTANCE BANDS to any fitness activity will increase calorie burn up to 25%, it will increase strength and will tone and firm the core, abs, Arms and legs. There are no restrictions of movement while in RESISTANCE BANDS, so just add it to any of your favorite workouts or fitness activities and get more results. RESISTANCE BANDS can be worn during any sports-specific training drill to increase strength, ACCURACY and Endurance. There are no restrictions of movement at any speed in RESISTANCE BANDS, so you can add them to any training session of any kind and get better results. RESISTANCE BANDS can be worn with any sports shoe, and even no shoes at all, and is totally hands-free system, so ball skills can also be practiced while wearing the system.

Boxing Resistance Bands

Material: High Quality Natural Latex.

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