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Ombre Yoga Hammocks For Sale

| 4 Amazing Ombre Colour Variants Available |
| DOUBLE POINT Hardware 
Included | Free Shipping |



Our Ombre Aerial Yoga Hammock Sets For Sale at Aerials Australia are all individually Hand Dyed making your Yoga Hammock a one off Aerial Silk made with the industry standard Nylon Tricot Fabric and is available in 4 Amazing Ombre colour options that are in industry standard 40 Denier Nylon Tricot –  a beautiful low-medium stretch fabric. Our Aerial Yoga Hammock Sets are PERFECT for aerial yoga or aerial workouts, inverting, stretching, tricks, dance, or just relaxing!

This kit comes with Aerial Silk – 5m length  – 2.8m wide with the rigging options (see below).


RigYoga Hammocks for saleging included:

  • Two steel caribiners (Rated 25kn)
  • Two daisy chains for adjustable height.
  • CE Certified, Load Tested and come with Load Ratings.

Our fabric is:

  • Flame retardant
  • 900kg Breaking Load, 200kg Safe Load
  • Machine Washable (Delicates, Cold wash)
  • Environment friendly dyes
  • 4 different colour variations available


  • Free Shipping


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REMEMBER: FREE Shipping within Australia included, and to always remain safe. We always recommend your product to be hung professionally – your safety is your responsibility. Always ensure you check and test rigging and regularly check your equipment before use.

Please keep in mind that most of our products are of a customised nature regarding size and length, therefore please allow up to 6 working days (not including weekends and Public Holidays) to process, depending on influx of orders. We will then update you with your tracking number. Enjoy your purchase – we know you’ll love it!


Yoga Hammocks For Sale