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Aerial Rigging / Mounting Point

The Aerials Australia, Aerial Rigging / Mounting Points are MADE for all aerial sports!

Extremely strong, durable and 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Providing a long lasting mounting point for any apparatus, and are suitable for Concrete, Steel or Timber (we recommend professional installation with a bolt, washer and nut setup for steel and timber fastening).

Our Mounting Point has a thicker marine grade steel that allows more safety and strength without failing.

please note:  *you man need two if you are setting up a double point  aerial apparatus.
*the bolts are 10mm diameter with the external cover being 14mm diameter.



  • CE & EN Certified Hardware
  • 1x Aerial Equipment Rigging / Mounting Point
  • Load Tested and Guaranteed 2000kg (20+KN)  max safe load when fitted correctly
  • Professional fixing required
  • 304 grade Stainless Steel