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portable freestanding aerial rig frame for sale


This Aerial Rig is for use indoors and outside, this stand will be the perfect accompaniment when practicing in a hall or to avoid having to rig on beams, just click together most of the item and transport to wherever your aerials take you!
Please note:  The AERIALS AUSTRALIA AERIAL RIGS have been built with adjustable single or double mounting points in the centre of the upper beam
Shipping dimensions:
Box Size: 27.5×28.5×158cm
Box Weight: 30KG
Frame Type: Magnesium Alloy
(Why:   Magnesium allow is lighter than steel, stronger and
better under high impact situations compared to Aluminium
Setup Dimensions:
Frame Height: 1 – 3.4 meters (Adjustable in approximately 10cm increments)
Frame Width(Bottom): 4 meters at full height
Breaking Load Capacity: 600KG
(Please refer to T&C’s for more information on limits and ratios)

PLEASE NOTE: Portable Rigs are NOT a permanent structure and should be packed away each use.  Click here to view the portable rig care & use policy.

Aerial Silk Kit Description…..


An 8 mtr Aerial Silks Kit from Aerials Australia.

These are made with the Industry Standard of Aerial Silk Fabric 40 Denier Nylon Tricot

aerial silks for sale

and are available in a 30+ gorgeous colour options  – a beautiful low-medium stretch fabric.


This kit comes with your chosen Aerial Silk Colour – 8m length  – 2.8m wide with rigging options (see below).


Rigging included:

  • Two steel carabiners (Rated 25kn)
  • One Aerial Swivel (Rated 24kn)
    One Figure8     (Rated 32kn)
  • CE Certified Hardware, Load Tested and  Load Rated.


Our fabric is:

  • Flame retardant
  • 900kg Breaking Load, 200kg Safe Load
  • Machine Washable (Delicates, Cold wash)
  • Environment friendly dyes
  • 24 different colours available


How To Setup Your Aerial Rig Video