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Portable Aerial Rig & Aerial Silks Kit Deal
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Out of Stock, Due to excessive orders The Aerials Australia Aerial Rigs
are On Back-order for late April dispatch and
(orders after the 31st of march will come in mid May)

portable freestanding aerial rig frame for sale


This Aerial Rig is for use indoors and outside, this stand will be the perfect accompaniment when practicing in a hall or to avoid having to rig on beams, just click together most of the item and transport to wherever your aerials take you!
Please note:  The AERIALS AUSTRALIA AERIAL RIGS have been built with adjustable single or double mounting points in the centre of the upper beam
Shipping dimensions:
Box Size: 27.5×28.5×158cm
Box Weight: 30KG
Frame Type: Magnesium Alloy
(Why:   Magnesium allow is lighter than steel, stronger and
better under high impact situations compared to Aluminium
Setup Dimensions:
Frame Height: 1 – 3.4 meters (Adjustable in approximately 10cm increments)
Frame Width(Bottom): 4 meters at full height
Breaking Load Capacity: 600KG
(Please refer to T&C’s for more information on limits and ratios)

Aerial Silk Kit Description…..


An 8 mtr Aerial Silks Kit from Aerials Australia.

These are made with the Industry Standard of Aerial Silk Fabric 40 Denier Nylon Tricot

aerial silks for sale

and are available in a 30+ gorgeous colour options  – a beautiful low-medium stretch fabric.


This kit comes with your chosen Aerial Silk Colour – 8m length  – 2.8m wide with rigging options (see below).


Rigging included:

  • Two steel carabiners (Rated 25kn)
  • One Aerial Swivel (Rated 24kn)
    One Figure8     (Rated 32kn)
  • CE Certified Hardware, Load Tested and  Load Rated.


Our fabric is:

  • Flame retardant
  • 900kg Breaking Load, 200kg Safe Load
  • Machine Washable (Delicates, Cold wash)
  • Environment friendly dyes
  • 24 different colours available


How To Setup Your Aerial Rig Video