Upon purchasing a portable aerial rigs, you are agreeing to the following care & use instructions.

Rigs are NOT a permanent structure, and should be disassembled and parts should be stored in a dry location after every use to avoid seizing of push pins, rust build up, prevent deterioration by natural elements, and to ensure rig has been checked for correct setup each use.
– As above, never leave apparatus or hardware set up.
– Check rig before each use during set up to ensure set up correctly and securely.
– Rigs should not be set up and/or used in snow, rain, hail or winds over 10knots.
– If used at a place such as the beach, in dirt, etc, all parts should be thoroughly cleaned after use to ensure no natural matter remains present (to avoid scratching, seizing of push pins etc).
– Rigs should always be used on flat, solid ground (do NOT use on any uneven surfaces )
– Rig use should always be supervised by a trained aerial instructor.
– Rig should never be used alone without another person present
– Always use an approved crash mat under the rig
– Rig setup should be followed strictly by the instructions.
– If walking away from the rig, apparatus should always be removed to avoid children or any untrained person from using.
– Always ensure rigging points are securely tightened before use.
– Do not use under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.
– Rigs should be professionally checked in their entirety by a fabrication engineer, every 12 months after purchase to ensure safety and no cracks or damage. Safety is our absolute priority.
– If any of the above points have not been adhered to, rig should not be used and voids any warranty on the item.