With Christmas and New Year around the corner, here’s some more information on ordering and delivery in the busiest period of the year to ensure you receive your delivery in time.

Whilst we aim to keep most of our items in stock at all times, sometimes we need to custom cut or fabricate orders due to a large, significant range of sizes, lengths, colours and options. This is usually mostly applicable to silks lengths, commonly purchased colours of fabric that may sell out at a very fast rate in holidays, or custom lyras (double tab, no tab). However, we ask to always assume that during this period your order will take around 5-12 business days  to process before it is shipped to you from the Sunshine Coast, QLD or Sydney, NSW. This is not always the case, and most orders are sent out with next day postage. But it’s best to be prepared, as from early November we’re working around the clock and can’t make exceptions to fast-track any particular order over another.

In addition to this, all postal services and couriers may have some small delays with the Christmas rush.

For the best time-frame for Christmas delivery, we recommend purchasing your items by the first week of December. However, you are always welcome (and advised, if on a strict timeline, at any time of the year) to send us an email or give us a call regarding immediate stock levels. We can advise you if the item you’re after can be sent out immediately, or if it will need to be processed, and roughly advise the processing time.

Thankyou for your understanding, and we wish you a beautiful holiday season up in the air!

– The Aerials Australia Team