A quick video to help assemble your Aerial Supplies Australia Portable Aerial Rig.

Pieces Included:

Top Bar
2x Leg Brackets
4x Legs

2x Top Bar Rigging Points
2x Leg Straps

Recommended advice:

– The total weight of the rig packed is 30kg, we recommend two people to carry this item due to it’s weight.

1. Ensure your ground is level and solid and allow around 4×4 metres maximum to set up. Less space is needed if you do not set up to full height.
2. Start with the top bar. Lay it down and slide on the figure8 rigging points. You may need one or two depending if your apparatus is single or double point. Find the push-in buttons on each side of the top bar. Line up one Leg Bracket, push in the button, and slide the leg bracket onto the top bar ensuring the button pops back out of the bracket hole.
3. Repeat for the other side.
4. Start with one leg. Legs are made of three internal poles that slide out within eachother. Please make yourself aware of how these poles slide out in three sections BEFORE attaching them to the rig, for an easier set up. When assembling, you want to ensure you slide out the middle pole first, followed by the innermost pole on each leg to your desired height to allow the rig to be balanced and even.
5. Attach one leg (without any pole extensions yet) to the leg bracket. You will need to rotate the leg slightly so the holes match up to the bracket. Slide in the pin through both poles with the holes matched up, and secure. Do not extend yet.
6. Attach the second, third and fourth leg the same as the first. We recommend having a second person available to help set up.
7. Once all legs are secured, you can start extending them to your desired height. Start with one leg, and extend via the middle pole. When you have pulled it to your desired height, ensure the holes match up (may need a twist) and secure with the pin. Repeat middle pole extension for all legs. If you wish to extend to full height, ensure the middle pole is pulled out first, secured, then followed by the innermost. When the innermost pole is at the height you desire, secure with the pin and repeat on all legs.
8. Ensure your rig is level and the pins are placed in the same positions on each leg on the same poles. Sometimes it’s easiest to count the holes from the base to the pin to ensure they are consistent.
9. Before attaching your apparatus, secure the figure8 rigging points to the top bar tightly.

10. Attach the leg straps to parallel sides of the rig.
11. Fly! Enjoy your new portable rig!