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Portable Aerial Rig/Freestanding Frame

for use with Aerial Lyras, Yoga Hammocks, Aerial Silks etc.


This Aerial Rig is for use indoors and out, will be the perfect accompaniment when practicing in a hall or to avoid having to rig on beams, just click together most of the items and transport to wherever your aerials take you!
Our rig is made of magnesium alloy, light enough to travel with but super strong and sturdy! Suitable for a single person – we do not recommend drops or doubles using this frame.
Please note:  The AERIALS AUSTRALIA AERIAL RIGS have been built with adjustable mounting points for single or double point apparatus
Box Size: 27.5×28.5×158cm
Box Weight: 30KG
Frame Type: Magnesium Alloy
(Why:   Magnesium allow is lighter than steel, stronger and
better under high impact situations compared to Aluminium

Frame Height: 1 – 3.4meters(Adjustable)
Frame Width(Bottom) when erected: 4 meters x 4 metres
Breaking Load: 600KG (Please refer to our T&C’s for load limits)
PLEASE NOTE: Portable Rigs are NOT a permanent structure and should be packed away after each use.  Click here to view the portable rig care & use policy.


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REMEMBER! To always remain safe. We always recommend professional help – your safety is your responsibility. Always ensure you check and test rigging and regularly check your equipment before use.

Please keep in mind that most of our products are of a customised nature regarding size and length or we custom make them per order. FOR FREESTANDING RIGS: Please allow up to 2 weeks manufacturing depending on the influx of orders – however we’ll strive to get your product out to you as soon as possible.aerials equipment Australia


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