Hi Aerialists!

Congratulations on your new purchase of aerial silks/hammock. Please thoroughly read the below information on how to care for your new products!

As with all equipment, there is ongoing maintenance – your safety is our absolute priority. We always ensure products are sent to you strong, secure, load tested and certified, BUT once you receive your product, the maintenance is out of our hands and up to you. It should always be your priority to care for your equipment and we can’t stress this enough – aerial sports are dangerous – PLEASE ALWAYS BE SAFE WHILE FLYING!

1. Check your fabric, hardware and rigging points before EVERY use. Fabric will last a long time with care, but it is still fabric, and won’t last forever.

It may seem over the top – but it is an important responsibility. Things to check:

• Does your fabric have any holes, nicks, running, frays in its entirety? Always check the entire length and width of fabric.
• Does your hardware have any cracks or damages or rust?
• Does your hardware work correctly? (Swivel spins cleanly, carabiners screw securely, etc)
• Does your sling, rope, daisy chains have any frays, splits, etc? (Especially check around rigging points where it may rub).

If any of the above, DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT! You’ll need to replace the damaged product before using.

Before physically using your Silks or hammock, check:

• Are your silks or hammock rigged and knotted correctly, tightly and securely?
• Do you know how to rig them? Watch our videos for more information! Do NOT just guess!
• Is your rigging point structurally suitable & approved by a registered builder?
• Are your rope, sling or chains attached securely and will not slip?
• Are you aware of load ratings and max loading of your silks, hardware and your rigging point?
• Do you have a crash mat underneath you incase of a fall?
• Do you have another person present? (Never train alone!)
• If you are not a professional, do you have a qualified teacher overlooking your rigging and your training?
• Are you wearing jewellery, zips, hair clips or anything that may snag the fabric? You want to avoid these.

After using your silks or hammock:
• Always take them down after you’ve finished – even if just for a few hours! This ensures a new check when using it next time, ensures your slings or ropes or fabric doesn’t get weakened by sunlight, your products don’t get wet, rusted, etc. And also avoids others using your products that may not understand safety.
• ALWAYS untie fabric and disassemble all knots from all hardware after use, to avoid continuous strain in tight knots, rubbing against the same portion of fabric, to disperse weight and wear through the full width rather than one small section, and to check for damage. This is important to give your aerial fabric the best lifespan.
• Store indoors in the dry, preferrably airtight to avoid mold, mildew, weather, moths, etc.
• Wash only by gentle hand wash, in cold water only and dry only in the shade
• Check for nicks or holes after washing
• Keep hardware away from salt, sand, dirt, rain.

2. Ongoing maintenance.

While checking your fabric before each use is important, we also recommend this ongoing maintenance to ensure your fabric stays safe for a long time!

• We recommend replacing your Fabric every 12 months to ensure safety. Remember it is a fabric and fabrics will wear with lots of use.

If you ever question any aspect of safety of your products, or experience any damages or any issues, immediately discontinue use and do NOT risk your safety. At the end of the day, there are a multitude of situations that could arise from inconsistent checks and maintenance while up in the air, and we want you to remain as safe as possible.

Happy flying, and we are excited to see you on your new hammock and silks!

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